Alessandra Sormani


Alessandra Sormani is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in London and Bristol.

Her practice includes photography, video and performance. Although trained as a professional photographer, she often uses amateur digital media, making and distributing projects through mobile technology and social networks. Her work examines the way these technologies distort the boundaries between the private and public spheres and between real events and fiction.

Using recording devices as a gateway to atmospheres Alessandra Sormani interacts with the machine, turning the experience into a ritual that corrupts the flow of time and space.

Often putting the viewer on the wrong track, she constructs works in which actual events have yet to take place or have just ended. Questioning the concept of movement and metaphor in time and place; from outside in, from city to sea, she reveals awkwardness, humour, and vulnerability within her work.

She was born in Bristol and studied at Central Saint Martin’s and Chelsea College of Art in London.