Alessandra Sormani


Dave is Gay, from the series Blitz, 2017. Inkjet print, 36″ × 24″

Alessandra Sormani’s latest project Sormani Vella is an artist run project space in the basement of her family home in Clevedon, North Somerset. For the opening exhibition Back2Blitz, she recreated the local infamous 90s nightclub Blitz. Combining archival material and installation along with her own memories, the exhibition recalled both a lost local space and her own teenage experience. The exhibition acted as a physical false memory and imparted the passing of time.

For Back2Blitz2, Alessandra Sormani recorded her own physical journey to Sormani Vella with the use of an action cam and binaural in-ear microphones. Displayed via a screen with headphones, positioned on the floor, the viewer enters into her own experience of, and journey to the exhibition from eye view. Behind the screen aromas (CK1, Lynx Africa, Impulse, Snakebite, Lager and cigarette ends) trigger memories to a moment in time. A local newspaper previewing the now passed exhibition is on show.