Alessandra Sormani

In The Open

In The Open #1,  2017. C-type print, edition of 11, 59.4 × 84.9 cm.

Building on the idea of house as body and body as home, Alessandra Sormani has invited the public into the home she has been living in. Paintings are displayed alongside sound recordings. The work in progress explores liminality and the edge. Each canvas is painted while listening to sound recordings of her journeys, going out from the city to the coastline, and takes the same amount of time to paint as the length of the journeys made. They are shown together with their respective audio on headphones. The works hang in rooms and hall ways around the house leading to the space where they were painted. Throughout the house, portable lo-fi speakers play recorded background noise from the space surrounding the paintings.

Studio, 2017.

Shower room

In The Open #2,  2017. C-type print, edition of 11, 59.4 × 84.9 cm.

Dulwich Festival Artists’ Open House