Alessandra Sormani

Rehearsal for an abandoned idea

Rehearsal for an abandoned idea


Rehearsal for an abandoned idea is a video performance where Alessandra Sormani acts out the production of making an idea she had previously intended to make from a set of screen grabs from her iPhone.

From 2012 to 2014 Alessandra took a screen grab of her iPhone each time she looked at it.  Her  intention was to make a 12,400 page book the size of the iPhone. She realized that by publishing this data, she would be making private conversations public and could potentially lose friends. She decided to abandon the idea.

In order to get closure on the work she decided instead to act out its production in the dark using flash photography, without creating an end product.

These video performances were recorded in three sections and are shown simultaneously on one screen: Documenting, documenting. InDesign Layout. Stitch and Bind.