Alessandra Sormani

Systema XYZ


Systema X, 2016. Sony 40″ Display Screens. Cook House, Chelsea

Recent video series, Systema XYZ explores movement, structure and order in contained public spaces – a gym, a ferry, an airport/aircraft – with sound recorded somewhere else – a beach, a house, a church. Mixing the use of professional and lo-fi devices, in-camera differences are played with, to record and re-record, edit and re-edit layers repeatedly, through screens.

Using a 3-4 minute time line, the green screen element in the editing software acts as an anchor to the unknown. Visual imagery and background noise is rendered in an unsystematic order, to intertwine time and space into chaos and calm.

Videos are typically shown on branded monitors connected to the place recorded in and often displayed in a public space.

Systema Y, 2016. Susak Expo, Croatia





Systema Z, 2016. NEC  40″ Display screens, Unicol wall mount, Sony head phones, Surveillance mirrors, Chair, Mac mini, HDMI Splitter, Smith and Locke hooks. Chelsea College of Art and Design